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American English Language Course is designed for the individuals who are keen to speak the American way. This course offers American pronunciation pattern, vocabulary, phrases and idioms. It is divided into three levels and each challenging level will help the learner understand the speech prototype and style.

American English

  1. To communicate like native English speaker without hesitation; build vocabulary, summarize and paraphrase information in a text.
  2. To organize notes on lectures and listening passages; identify speaker’s purpose and tone; make inferences and predictions about spoken discourse.
  3. To synthesize and organize information; produce accurate grammatical forms; and give an oral presentation in class using effective delivery strategies.
  4. To demonstrate behavior and attitudes appropriate to an English speaking environment.
This highly interactive program focuses on American English Linguistic Skills. There will be
  1. Open discussions; Presentations; Trainer's input.
  2. Audio & Video Aids; Native speakers case studies and role plays.
  3. Written Assignments; Practice Session in pairs.


  1. English Grammar
  2. Consonant Sounds
  3. Contrast
  4. Tongue Twisters
  5. Vowels
  6. Tense & Lax
  7. Intonation
  8. Syllable Stress
  9. Words Stress
  1. Word Endings
  2. Phrases
  3. Sentence Analysis
  4. Sentence Correction
  5. Reduced Sounds


  1. American 'T'
  2. Word Connections
  3. Active Listening Skills
  4. General Vocabulary
  5. American Idioms & Expressions
  6. Group Discussions
  7. Impromptu Speech


  1. Debate
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Body Language
  4. Interview Skills
  5. Common Errors in English Language
  6. Self-Motivation
  7. American Culture
Course Duration: 3 Months  |  Course Fee: $250
For Registration and New Batch details
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