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Simply put, managerial skills are the knowledge and ability of the individuals in a managerial position to fulfill some specific managerial activities or tasks. This knowledge and ability can be learned and practiced. However, they also can be acquired through practical implementation of required activities and tasks. Therefore, each skill can be developed through learning and practical experience of the individuals.

Do you have the required managerial skills to manage a company? Trueskills can help you develop and hone Management Skills. Check out the Management Skills that we train on.

Management Skills

  1. To Extricate Between Leadership And Management.
  2. To Recognize Self Leadership Style And Engage Competencies Of Visioning, Aligning, Delegation, Motivating And Inspiring Others.
  3. To Apply And Utilize The “Team Leadership Compass” Toolkit.
  4. To Identify Effective Teamwork Approaches, Fathom Team Building, Use Team Leadership Toolkit For Diagnosis And Repair.
  5. To Build Effective Teamwork Principles And Diagnose Need For Collective Problem Solving And Apply Appropriate Techniques.
  6. To Apply Assertiveness Techniques Creating Win-Win Communication And Effectively Deal Difficult Behavior.
  7. To Collect, Collate, And Give Constructive Feedback And Motivate Peers To Outperform A Task.
This highly interactive program focuses on Management Skills. These are:
  1. Presentation, exercise in trios, facilitated whole group discussion
  2. Individual exercise, facilitator presentation, small group exercises, facilitated group review
  3. Case studies, brain storming sessions and content analysis.
  4. Individual reflection, action planning communication skills exercise with co-coaching, facilitated group review
  1. Communication
  2. Motivation
  3. Team Building
  4. Management Skills
  5. Negotiation Skills
  6. Business Writing Skills
  7. Work Delegation
  8. Leadership Dynamics
  9. Time & Stress Management
  10. Proactive Management
  11. Planning & Execution
Course Duration: 1.5 Months  |  Course Fee: $240
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