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Online English Training Course

Trueskills online English Language Training Course is designed for the learners who want to improve their English Linguistic Skills for personal or professional reasons. Our partners have simplified this training program to give an enjoyable and real time learning experience to the participants. This course consists of 6 levels with certificates: A1 – Beginners; A2 – Elementary; B1 – Intermediate; B2 – Upper Intermediate; C1 – Advanced; C2 – Mastery.

Our innovative pedagogy helps the participants to improve English dialectal skills by watching movie clips, playing games and practicing our interactive exercises available for each level of English. We present you the largest collection of online visual dictionary. Moreover, our assessment tests at each level based on short videos defined by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) help us to measure progress.

Online English Training Course

Duration: All Levels - 3 Months | Fee: $85
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The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) was created by the Council of Europe to provide a common basis for describing the skills needed to reach different levels of language proficiency. CEFR levels are based on the ability to communicate and understand, and are widely used internationally as standardized measure of language learning.

I can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases.
I can understand basic sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday life.
I can understand the main points of conversation related to familiar matters and can describe experiences and feelings.
I can understand the main ideas of most types of conversation and can interact with native speakers fairly easily.
I can understand a wide range of complex speech and texts and can express myself fluently in most situations.
I can understand shades of meaning even in complex situations, and can express myself spontaneously and very fluently.


Vocabulary; Video; Comprehension; Listening Lab; Advanced Comprehension; Vocabulary Academy; Grammar; Swap Mania; Word Rescue; Video Karaoke; Picture Vocabulary