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Student Rules:


  1. Students must adhere to class timings and shall not leave class without permission. Late arrivals will not be entertained. Absenteeism shall not be compensated.
  2. Student behavior, within and outside Trueskills premises should be befitting & decent.
  3. Students involved in unsolicited behaviors, establishment of unwarranted relationships and found in breach of violating personal space of students & faculty would be expelled with immediate effect without recompense.
  4. Students are prohibited from using electronic/mobile devices during training sessions.
    1. Use of Laptops/Tablets/Mobiles for academic purposes is allowed with prior permission.
    2. Still photography/video recording/voice recording and reprinting of the material is prohibited.
    3. Trueskills Wi-Fi/Internet access is not available.
  5. Students are expected to communicate in English language only among themselves and with faculty members.
  6. Students are expected to keep themselves informed and abreast of oral, text or email communications regarding:
    1. Learning instructions, Assignments; and
    2. Updates on class schedules, holidays, etc.
  7. Students are expected to safe keep their valuables.
  8. Every student should carry his/ her fee card and produce it on demand.
  9. Please keep in mind that performance(s) are monitored within the training sessions to provide guidance and feedback. Actual result(s) from examinations are complete & absolute responsibility of the student.

General Rules:


  1. Political/ organizational activities are banned at Trueskills premises and non-adherents shall be reported to concerned authorities.
  2. The Management holds the final authority for issuance and interpretation of Trueskills rules.
  3. Training hours are subject the package chosen and no extra hours will be offered.
  4. Once fee paid will not be returned or transferred.
  5. Management has the authority to change batch timings.
  6. Extra charges:
    1. Extra material: Rs. 500/ per booklet
    2. Certificate/Reference Letter Fee: Rs.1000/
    3. Mock Tests: Rs. 350/Test
  7. This, being an eco–friendly campus, plastic or other trash should not be thrown inside the institute premises.
  8. Please ensure Trueskills Property & Assets Damage is not tolerable and charged.